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Tylertown is the county seat of Walthall County, Mississippi. The population was 1,910 at the 2000 census.
Tylertown was first known as the Magee Settlement. Its first settlement dates back to the emigration of the Magees and Thornhills from South Carolina and is located on a tract of land originally acquired by J. Thornhill September 20, 1816. Cullen Conerly went there in 1850 and bought out the Garland Hart store and established a post office which was called Conerly’s post office. The store and post office served as the social center of the community for over a half century. The town bore the name Conerly’s from 1848 to 1879 and was later renamed Tylertown in honor of William G. Tyler before being combined as one word in 1894. Cullen Conerly sold his mercantile interest to his brother-in-law Benjamin Lampton who laid the foundation of the mercantile business of Tylertown.
Tylertown was part of Pike County until 1912 when Walthall County was formed from Pike and Marion Counties.

Tylertown MS Bartending School

Tylertown MS Bartending School

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    Tylertown MS Bartending School

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