Online Bartending Course

Online Bartending Course

Get State Certified. Watch Video Training. Get Hands-On Experience.

Brooklyn Bartending’s online course is designed to give you all of the training and testing as our in-person classes. It is the perfect match for someone with a busy schedule!

3-12 Hours of Online Instruction/Testing:

Online Certification

Online Tutorial
Use all of the tools of a bar, in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Your Online Course Includes Your Kit With: ($59 value)

Videos Included

  • 1- Video on the Basic Set-Up and Bar Tools (5:46) + Workbook Exercise
  • 1- HD Video on Different Bartending Glasses (4:41) + Match the Drinks to the Glass Exercise
  • 1- Video on how to use the shaker and strainer (6:12) +Workbook
  • 2- Videos on pouring shots (8:00+)
  • 1- Completing orders and timed drinks (5:21) + Exercise
  • 12+- Videos on how to create specific popular drinks (Long Island, Cosmo, Martini’s, Etc)
  • 1- Video on responsible serving and checking ID’s (61:41) + Workbook
  • 1- State Certification Examination Online (200 Minutes) -Includes Training

Online Course Curriculum

There is an eight step online program with videos to walk you through the lesson. You will receive the same quality training as our students receive in person.

What You Will Learn:

Step 1: Go over glasses and Tools and set bar
Step 2: Free Pour
Step 3: Shot pour
Step 4: Cutting Fruit

Step 5: Mixed drinks
Step 6: How to use a strainer and shaker
Step 7: Mixology and Popular Drink Recipes
Step 8: Checking ID’s



Choose your certifications A La Carte:
TIPS Responsible Serving, or State Certification.
(Both testing offered in the privacy of your own home)

Online Learning Kit Mailed To Your Kitchen


All In-Home Courses Include a 100 pg. Workbook ($19.99 value)
$149.99 and up.(Plus your certification costs)
Flair Training – $129
Ornate Drink Lesson – $99

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