Why Bartending in Paia?

Brooklyn Bartending School of Paia helps people become a bartender and find a fulfilling job. Our best graduates are working at the and many other local venues. BBS is ready to teach 1-on-1 and customized lessons to all ages (above 18 by Hawaii state law).

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    Uncover What's on the Curriculum at Hawaii Bartending School

    Free Pouring along with Preciseness

    The Art and Science of Drink Preparation

    The Layout, Equipment, and Tools of a Bar

    Serving Alcohol Sensibly



    Planning and Executing Private Occasions

    Job Interview Strategy

    Recipe Collection of Popular Cocktails

    Beautiful Cocktail Garnishing

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      100% Secure. Your Information is never Sold. Your Privacy is Protected.

      Hawaii Bartending Certification

      Age Regulations of Hawaii

      The minimum age to sell and serve alcohol in Hawaii is 18 with supervisor over 21.

      Hawaii Bartending Certification Program

      Hawaii bartending license

      Local Hawaii Authority Contacts

      County of Maui, Department of Liquor Control: 80843-7753 (includes the islands of Maui, Lanai and Molokai) http://www.co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?nid=667 County of Kauai, Department of Liquor Control: 80841-6580 https://www.kauai.gov/Liquor City and County of Honolulu Liquor Commission (Island of Oahu): (808)768-7300 https://www.honolulu.gov/liq/default.html County of Hawaii, Department of Liquor Control: East Hi: (808) 961-8218 West Hi: (808) 323-4370 http://www.hawaiicounty.gov/liquor-control/

      Bartending Laws and Regulations in Hawaii

      Happy Hour Laws in Hawaii, enforced in Honolulu and possibly in other islands/cities, aim to prevent excessive alcohol consumption. Prohibited practices include serving or selling "two for the price of one," increasing alcohol amount without a price increase, providing free drinks with merchandise purchase, offering "all you can drink" for a fixed price, selling discounted drinks based on a fixed buy-in, pricing drinks based on consumption, serving more than one drink to a customer simultaneously, charging entry fees for "free drinks," conducting contests tied to alcohol consumption, and engaging in practices encouraging excessive drinking. Note: Happy Hour Laws may vary by city/commission.

      Earn $300 per night as a Bartender Part-Time or Full Time

      Paia bartending school goes the extra mile to support graduates' career goals with comprehensive Job Assistance and Internship programs. You will have job opportunities in Hawaii fall into your lap.

      Job Assistance

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      Learning Options In Paia HI

      One Week Long Bartending Program

      One week long bartending class starts on August 4, 2024

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      Two Week Long Bartending and Mixology Class

      Two-week long bartending and mixology course starts on July 31, 2024

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      Learn The Most Popular Cocktails In Hawaii

      In Hawaii, our cocktail scene is a vibrant fusion of tropical flavors and cultural influences, reflecting the spirit of aloha.

      The Mai Tai is an iconic Hawaiian drink. It's a drink taught in our classes. It's a blending aged rum, fresh lime juice, and house-made orgeat syrup, garnished with a pineapple spear and a sprig of mint for a touch of island elegance. The Lava Flow is another popular choice, featuring coconut cream, pineapple juice, and local strawberries blended with light and dark rum, creating a visually striking and deliciously refreshing concoction.

      Hawaii's drinking culture embraces the use of indigenous ingredients like lilikoi (passion fruit), guava, and coconut in cocktails. The Aloha Sunset showcases this trend, combining local vodka with guava juice and a splash of sparkling water, capturing the essence of a Hawaiian sunset.

      Cities like Honolulu contribute to the island's diverse cocktail offerings, with the Waikiki Breeze incorporating lychee liqueur, fresh lychee, and a hint of lemongrass, creating a sophisticated and aromatic drink.

      The state's laid-back atmosphere also inspires relaxed sipping on classics like the Hula Colada, a Hawaiian twist on the piña colada with coconut cream, pineapple juice, and local rum. The use of fresh, tropical garnishes such as sugarcane sticks or edible flowers further enhances the visual appeal and authenticity of Hawaiian cocktails, making the drinking experience a celebration of the islands' natural bounty and cultural richness.

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