Why Bartending in Belzoni?

Brooklyn Bartending School of Belzoni helps people become a bartender and find a fulfilling job. Our best graduates are working at the The Compound, J'Place, Papa's Restaurant, Rusty Magnolia, Hooper Family Community and many other local venues. BBS is ready to teach 1-on-1 and customized lessons to all ages (above 18 by Mississippi state law).

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    Discover What's on the Program at Mississippi Bartending School

    Offering Alcoholic Beverages Responsibly

    Bar Opening and Closing Protocols

    Keeping a Clean Bar

    Customer Support That Works

    Classes on Bar Equipment, Tools, And Layout



    Ability to Handle Cash & Payments Effectively

    A Guide to Receiving a lot of Tips

    Liquor & Liqueur Expertise

    The Job Interview Strategy

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      100% Secure. Your Information is never Sold. Your Privacy is Protected.

      Mississippi Bartending Certification

      Age Regulations of Mississippi

      In Mississippi, the minimum age for selling alcohol is 21, or any age for beer only. For serving alcohol, the minimum age is 18. To work as a bartender in Mississippi, individuals cannot have a felony conviction within the past 3 years or have been convicted and incarcerated within the past 12 months.

      Mississippi Bartending Certification Program

      MS Bartending Certification

      Local Mississippi Authority Contacts

      The ABC Enforcement Telephone: (601) 856-1301 Website: https://www.dor.ms.gov/ABC/Pages/default.aspx

      Bartending Laws and Regulations in Mississippi

      For bartenders in Mississippi, staying informed about counties permitting alcohol sales is crucial. However, the regulations categorizing counties or cities as dry, half dry, fully wet, etc., can be confusing. The most straightforward method to stay current on Mississippi's wet/dry regulations is to refer to the map available on the Department of Revenue website - https://www.dor.ms.gov/abc/wetdrymaps

      Earn $300 per night as a Bartender Part-Time or Full Time

      Belzoni bartending school goes the extra mile to support our graduates' career goals with comprehensive Job Assistance and Internship programs. You get connected to the best jobs without much effort.

      Ready for jobs opportunities to fall in your lap?

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      Learning Options In Belzoni MS

      One Week Bartending Course

      One week long bartending class registration deadline is August 5, 2024

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      Two Week Bartending and Mixology Class

      Two-week bartending and mixology course starts on August 1, 2024

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