Why Bartending in Center Point?

Brooklyn Bartending School of Center Point helps people become a bartender and find a fulfilling job. Our best graduates are working at the and many other local venues. BBS is ready to teach 1-on-1 and customized lessons to all ages (above 18 by New Mexico state law).

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    What You'll Learn at New Mexico Bartending School

    Industry Terms Training

    The Ability to Handle Glassware

    Free Pouring along with Preciseness

    Techniques for Preparing Cocktails

    The Layout, Equipment, and Tools of a Bar



    Expertise in Liquors & Liqueurs

    Professional Training in Beers, Wines, & Champagne

    Training in Money & Payment Handling

    The Job Interview Strategy

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    As an integral part of your package, we are going to provide all essential bartending tools, a workbook, along with a selection of drinks.


    We can come to your home or teach at one of our multiple locations in New Mexico.

    Center Point Bartending School Pricing:

    Online Course

    from $79

    Group Classes

    from $299

    In-Person Lessons

    from $399

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      100% Secure. Your Information is never Sold. Your Privacy is Protected.

      New Mexico Bartending Certification

      Age Regulations of New Mexico

      In New Mexico, individuals must be at least 21 years old to sell or serve alcohol in package stores, bars, or lounges. However, those aged 18 can work in a restaurant environment, excluding roles as bartenders or cocktail servers. A restaurant, in this context, is an establishment primarily focused on selling food rather than alcohol consumption.

      New Mexico Bartending Certification Program

      NM Bartending Certification/Alcohol Server Permit

      Local New Mexico Authority Contacts

      The New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division Telephone: (505) 476-4875 Website: http://www.rld.state.nm.us/alcoholandgaming/Server_Permits.aspx

      Bartending Laws and Regulations in New Mexico

      New Mexico Happy Hour Guidelines aim to curb excessive alcohol consumption. Prohibited practices include selling "two for the price of one" drinks, offering "all you can drink" deals for a fixed price, providing reduced-price drinks with a fixed "buy-in" fee, serving more than two drinks to a single customer at once, and imposing entry fees or cover charges tied to reduced drink prices.

      Earn $300 per night as a Bartender Part-Time or Full Time

      Center Point bartending school goes the extra mile to support graduates' career goals with comprehensive Job Assistance and Internship programs. We connect our students with industry opportunities and hands-on internships, ensuring you gain real-world experience and find rewarding employment in the thriving New Mexico bar scene.

      Ready for jobs to fall into your lap?

      Center Point Bartending School Facts


      Highest one time tip for Center Point students


      of Center Point Students said BBS exceeded expectations

      15 days

      Average number of days until getting a bartending job offer


      Center Point certification exam success rate

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      Learning Options In Center Point NM

      One Week Bartending Class

      One week long bartending class starts on August 5, 2024

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      Two Week Long Bartending Class

      Two-week long bartending and mixology course has a registration deadline and is starting on August 1, 2024

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      Key Info About Brooklyn Bartending School

      306 Years

      Combined experience of Center Point teachers


      First Bartending Lesson in Center Point

      56.2% Women

      of all BBS students in Center Point

      65 Years

      Oldest student yet in Center Point

      20.6 Hours

      Avg. number of hands-on training hours/student

      Learn The Most Popular Cocktails In New Mexico

      In New Mexico, our cocktail scene is influenced by the rich cultural tapestry of the region, blending traditional flavors with a modern twist.

      The Santa Fe Sunrise is a popular choice, featuring local blue corn whiskey, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a splash of house-made chili-infused syrup, embodying the state's love for bold and spicy flavors. It is taught in our Santa Fe School Another favorite at our school is the Rio Grande Mule, incorporating New Mexico vodka, ginger beer, and a dash of piñon syrup, offering a taste of the state's distinctive piñon pine nuts.

      Garnishes like a chili-salt rim or a slice of grilled lime enhance the visual and sensory experience, and the use of traditional Southwest-inspired glassware adds an authentic touch. Our Schools in Santa Fe and Albuquerque contribute to the state's cocktail diversity, with bars incorporating regional elements into their drinks.

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