Why Bartending in Bloomfield?

Brooklyn Bartending School of Bloomfield helps people become a bartender and find a fulfilling job. Our best graduates are working at the Spot Lounge Inc., Casa Sevilla Mexican Restaurant, Belly and Kecky's Pizzeria, Feed Store Beer Co., Cross Roads cafe and many other local venues. BBS is ready to teach 1-on-1 and customized lessons to all ages (above 18 by Indiana state law).

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    Indiana Bartending School Will Coach You

    Industry Terminology Class

    Glassware Practical Knowledge

    Free Pouring with Preciseness

    Drink Preparation Methods

    The Layout, Tools, & Equipment of a Bar



    Skill in Payment and Cash Handling

    Protocol for Max Tips

    Expertise with Alcoholic Beverages and Flavored Elixirs

    Interview Success Techniques That Actually Work

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    We'll provide all essential equipment and academic materials, which include a workbook, bartending tools, as well as a selection of beverages.


    We can come to your home or teach at one of our multiple locations in Indiana.

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      Indiana Bartending Certification

      Age Regulations of Indiana

      In Indiana, the minimum age for selling alcohol with supervision is 19, allowing 19 and 20-year-olds to "ring-up" sales at drug/grocery stores under the supervision of an employee aged 21 or older. Similarly, the minimum age for serving alcohol with supervision is 19, permitting 19 and 20-year-olds to hold a restricted employee permit for serving in the dining room of a hotel or restaurant under the supervision of a qualified person.

      Indiana Bartending Certification Program

      Indiana Bartending Certification

      Local Indiana Authority Contacts

      The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (317) 232430 http://www.in.gov/atc/

      Bartending Laws and Regulations in Indiana

      Guidelines for Restricted Servers: Supervision Required: Restricted employees need to be supervised by someone certified in the state's server training program. No Bartending: Restricted employees are not allowed to serve alcohol at a bar. Limited to Family Areas: They can only serve in designated "family areas." No Mixed Drinks: Restricted employees can't pour pre-mixed alcoholic beverages or draw beer from a tap. Garnishing Permitted: They can add garnishes to drinks prepared by a bartender. Wine Service: Restricted employees can uncork and pour wine at dining tables. Hotel Banquet Rooms: They are permitted to work in a hotel's banquet room. Restricted Locations: They are not allowed to work in pool rooms, arcade rooms, the concourse of a recreational center, or the stands of a sports arena.

      Earn $300 per night as a Bartender Part-Time or Full Time

      Bloomfield bartending school goes the extra mile to support students' career goals with comprehensive Job Assistance and Internship programs. You get connected to the best jobs without much effort.

      Ready for jobs to fall into your lap?

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      15 days

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      Learning Options In Bloomfield IN

      One Week Bartending Course

      One week long bartending class registration deadline is August 4, 2024

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      Two Week Long Bartending and Mixology Class

      Two-week bartending course has limited slots starts on July 31, 2024

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      Learn The Most Popular Cocktails In Indiana

      In the heart of the Hoosier State, where rolling fields meet bustling cities, the Crossroads Cooler is a revered libation. Crafted with locally distilled corn whiskey, a splash of ginger ale, and a twist of Indiana-grown apple, this cocktail pays homage to the state's agricultural heritage. Another cherished concoction is the Hoosier Highball, blending local bourbon with a hint of cherry-infused simple syrup and a splash of sparkling water, creating a sip that reflects the state's balance between tradition and innovation. Garnishes like a sprig of mint or a sliver of pickled asparagus add a touch of local flair to the sensory experience, while classic highball glasses or locally crafted tumblers showcase Indiana's down-to-earth charm.

      Indiana's drinking culture, deeply connected to its love for basketball and community festivals, is evident in cocktails like the Basketball Breeze, featuring local vodka, lemonade, and a splash of peach schnapps. Liquor laws, influenced by the state's historical ties to the Temperance Movement and evolving trends, shape the accessibility of spirits across cities like Indianapolis and Bloomington.

      Historically, Indiana's speakeasies during Prohibition and its vibrant jazz scene have left an indelible mark on its drinking culture. Today, the libations served are a testament to the state's resilience, innovation, and a spirited celebration of its diverse landscapes. Each sip of an Indiana cocktail is an invitation to explore the heart and soul of the Hoosier State.

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